Fullscreen Art Direction, Design, and Handwriting

Fullscreen Art Direction and Illustration

Fullscreen Art Direction and Illustration

Adding illustrations to a narrative piece dealing with the budding cannabis industry. One of the design directors
at IDEO is crafting a point-of-view on the industry and thoughtfully designing for their female consumers. A smart
piece about the short sighted aspects of the emerging industry with a proactive take on how to move forward.
Power Puff Girls by Nicole Bernstein
Fullscreen Branding and Creative Direction

Branding a small start-up in New Orleans that had a simple idea. Take what her grandparents and mother taught
her in their family restaurants growing up in New Jersey and bring it to New Orleans. A teacher in the 9th Ward
she wanted to keep it simple, honest and community oriented. This is a peak at the branding case study, with
much more to come.
Fullscreen Photography

We were asked to dive into a client's brand to define whether their brand culture was as strong as they hoped in
order to bring greater changes to how they engaged with customers. In doing our due diligence we decided to
do an ethnography study in their four international regions. While in Zurich, Berlin, Mainz and Paris, we spoke
with everyone from top management to those that ran the back-of-house. I chose to show this process through
a series of photos taken along the way.