Fullscreen THE PROBLEM
Branding a small start-up in New Orleans that had a simple idea. Take what her grandparents and mother taught
her in their family restaurants growing up in New Jersey and bring it to New Orleans. A teacher in the 9th Ward
she wanted to keep it simple, honest and community oriented. This is a peak at the branding casestudy, with
much more to come.
Fullscreen THE PROBLEM
Adding illustrations to a narrative piece dealing with the budding cannabis industry. One of the design directors
at IDEO is crafting a point-of-view on the industry and thoughtfully designing for their female consumers. A smart
piece about the short sighted aspects of the emerging industry with a proactive take on how to move forward.
Power Puff Girls by Nicole Bernstein
Fullscreen THE PROBLEM
To bring SYProduct's newest product Teamworks to a group of industry leading CEOs in New Zealand.
My aim was to marry the look and feel of Teamworks with SYPartners' system. The event would be led by
Keith Yamashita (one of the founders), he wanted a beautifully simple book that would excite as well as
provide the necessary content.
Fullscreen THE PROBLEM
The problem was to create a work mark and system for an internal speaker series that SYPartners puts on to open
people up to each other. A series that embraces the SYP belief in empathy as a way of life. I chose to play up the
ambiguous nature of the series. No color, just simple photography of the speakers and the logo is a play on the SYP
work mark. Printing large format posters to be put up around both the New York and San Francisco offices, and
sending out a newsletter just before the event to tease the coming event.
Fullscreen THE PROBLEM
The problem was that Keith Yamashita (one of the founders of SYPartners) had been asked to do a presentation
for PSFK speaker series. He came to us with the idea that he wanted to use his phone and a website rather than
a tired old PowerPoint presentation. So we built a site, turned it into an applet, and by using screen mirroring
we (for the first time) put the presentation into the hands each attendee and the public at large. We integrated live
tweeting functions and media "Easter Eggs" through out the site in order to create richer experience.