The problem was to work with Jawbone to bring their brand culture to life. Part of that exploration work was
producing the words and guiding visual system for their brand manifesto. It had to embrace the vibrance of their
founders vision and the lifestyle in which their brand exists. Jawbone's technology was produced to make a
seamless line between life and the technology. Their customer embraces life's moments, the fleeting beauty that
we all strive to experience.
The problem was to design and build a simple interface for Nike to use in store for the 2013 Holiday Season.
iPad's placed in the store for easy to access styles and prices for shoppers during the rush of the holidays.
The problem was to take a brand that existed as an online business network resource and build a strong
look for a new lifestyle magazine. The aim was to not play into stereotypes that have been built for the
Gay/LGBT community. We used some updated assets from the existing system. I wanted to create a well
designed, beautiful publication that would embody the lifestyle, business, fashion and design perspective
of our viewers.
The problem was to create a conference that deals with the topic of Peak Oil and social collapse as a result
of an infrastructure crash. Within the solution all the aspects of the conference were addressed including the
location and speakers. The conference handouts included a double-sided poster with all the information
needed for the attendees, including maps, schedule, places to stay, transportation, and daily information for
the three-day conference.
The problem was to define a brand that is dead, dying or defunct and re-imagine that brand to bring it back
to life without diverting from the brands origins.